Beginner’s Betting Guide

This fact is easy to accept when you start any new hobby. Playing the piano, going to the gym, learning a new language, etc. Learning new skills takes time, and developing abilities to the top-level requires dedication as well as hard work. Every enthusiast understands their own starting level and doesn’t expect to master a whole new skill in two weeks or even two years. However, this understanding surprisingly often disappears precisely from betting enthusiasts.

Winning money makes people behave strangely, and a few successful guesses can elevate even a more experienced betrayer to hovering in the clouds. The idea of how exactly I have skills that no one else has dominates my head. However, there are practically no shortcuts to happiness, and good skills are only achieved over time and with sufficient experience. This is the single most important piece of advice on wealth management in betting.

Set up a separate bankroll before you play, whose assets are completely separate from everyday consumption. It is recommended to use a separate bank account, or transfer money to a service like Skrill or Neteller. The physical location of the money is not important, but this is: bet only on the money you have the power to lose. Never bet to pay other bills! This is a sign of problems and will only lead to greater inconvenience. Remember that betting is an initial item of expenditure for you.

You should be prepared for losing bad luck to your entire bankroll (a couple of times). You are likely to make mistakes in cash management, overinvestment, nervousness, or the like. Because of this, it is paramount that you calculate what your pain point is. If you can’t stand the idea of a loss of more than 50 euros, then don’t risk your bankroll more than 50 euros at any point.

Keep this percentage in mind: 99% of players either lose money or make the most of their own. Several betting professionals disappear from the industry every year because they are no longer able to make profitable betting for one reason or another. You’ll hear a lot of tips, and you’ll be answered by one if not another “guaranteed money-making system”. The tip giver is almost invariably a losing player himself, so think carefully about how useful these instructions really are? One good guideline is that true professional in the field never speak publicly about their contributions in euros. No smart and result-winning bettor needs to prove to others how big the stakes he is currently operating.

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