Every year we hear the exact same concerns regarding inaccessible websites and busy phone signals one to two hours prior to the big football kickoffs. Any crunch periods will result in peak times. What’s the solution? Make all your plays with the most sophisticated and technologically advanced books on the Internet.

If you’ve shopped at all, you’ll notice the differences immediately in the different operating systems. According to one un-named sportsbook operator, We were among the first on the Net and we still have not figured out how to prevent our systems from crashing.

Avoid the types of online books that look like the wagering area was built by a novice. With that said, it is safe to assume players need to find their own detour around these telecommunications traffic jams. The obvious comes to mind: PLACE YOUR BETS EARLY. For NFL and college football games, call in your wager no later than Friday. Many books offer incentives such as reduced juice for getting your bets in prior to the weekend. For NBA; NCAA and baseball, get your beds in prior to an hour before tip-off or the first pitch, though baseball is not so much a pressure cooker compared to other sporting events.

Good times are normally no later than 6 PM EST on weeknights. Be mindful of game schedules on a particular day, especially where NCAA is concerned. By placing wagers during “off-peak” times, you stand a much better chance of receiving one-on-one personalized attention. During vital crunch times, a phone clerk simply cannot be expected to run down all the day’s lines when there are hundreds of other bettors waiting to get some action down. Also, avoid betting online NFL Sunday mornings and during peak college football times.

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