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What is live betting and how does it work? We will go through that question and we will also give some concrete examples of where you can play live, when you should do it and why it is good to do it. The difference between live betting and traditional betting is that you usually use this form of betting in matches you follow. If, for example, you are watching a football match from the Champions League between Barcelona and Bayern Munich where the odds are open in advance, it may make sense to wait for the match to get help from the matching picture. With live betting, the odds usually move very quickly. An early goal for the favorite makes them even clearer favorites, while an opposite scenario with an early disadvantage for a big favorite can be pure drama gold mine.

Can you live bet on everything?

For many betting companies, live betting is an important form of betting as it can bring in more money than betting before the match. It is important to point out that if you want to play live, you should stick to sports you can and are not attracted by the temptation that you consider yourself to have found good odds.

When to bet live?

A relevant question about live betting is this: When should you bet live? As we mentioned in the advantage of live betting, it is a sharp tool to use when you follow a match live, either from the TV couch or on-site. When you do that, you get a sense of how the match can be developed, especially if it is in a sport you feel at home with teams you follow and can decently. For example, you may have read a lot of necessary statistics in advance, for example about when a team concedes the most goals. If you have that detailed and fingertip feeling on what is a good game versus the current odds that are offered, live betting is a good game model to use.

Free play tips in the Champions League

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