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NFL fantasy football is one of the most popular types of online NFL betting and works by picking your best fantasy football team, filling each position and earning points on game day. There are a couple of broad types of fantasy football daily and draft. The daily game sees you picking a team for just one matchday, with the winner getting the most points over this matchday.

Draft fantasy football is a longer-term game, with players going through a draft at the beginning of the season. They’ll then get to tinker with the squad as the season progresses, with the winner being the player with the most points at the end of the season. As you can imagine, this type of fantasy football requires a huge amount of commitment from those playing it.

Types of Fantasy Football Leagues

There are now many different types of fantasy football leagues, created as the game has evolved over the years. Due to this variety, it’s important to be aware of the type of game you’re signing up for. Below, you’ll find that we’ve listed the most common types of leagues found online today…

  • Standard Scoring: Standard scoring offers the most basic set-up of points, making things easy to pick up. For example, a player will score 6 points for a TD and a point for every 10 yards they rush, while players will lose points for interceptions and fumbles. The majority of leagues use standard scoring, although most have small variations on the rules, so check them out before you start.
  • PPR Scoring: PPR (Point-Per-Reception) has similar scoring to the standard scoring leagues, aside from one thing, receiving players will get a point every time they make a reception. This changes the strategy, as those playing will want to pick players who regularly receive the ball, even if they don’t often get into the endzone with it.
  • Touchdown Only Scoring: This is old-school scoring, as a player will only receive points if he manages to get the ball into the endzone. So, if Ezekiel Elliott bulldozers his way to a 70-yard run, he won’t score a single point – unless that run ends with him celebrating in the endzone. As you might imagine, those players scoring regular touchdowns are worth the most in this type of league.
  • Re-Draft Leagues: In this type of league, players will select their entire squad again when a new NFL season starts. There are various ways to structure the draft, however, most say that the team picking first in the first round will then get the final pick in the second round. Alternatively, it could follow the NFL, with last season’s worst player getting the first pick this time around.
  • Auction Leagues: As the name suggests, this uses an auction system. Every player will start with a set amount of money and they’ll have to keep their overall team value under that. So, you want to bid big money for Pat Mahomes? If so, you might have to be more frugal in some other areas of your team.
  • Keeper Leagues: This is a hybrid between re-draft leagues and auction leagues. You’ll basically be able to keep a certain number of players from the previous year, and you’ll then go through the fantasy football draft process for the rest of them. Rules can vary across leagues, with different numbers of keepers allowed.
  • Dynasty Leagues: Dynasty leagues are the most similar to the actual NFL, as they allow you to keep your entire team from the previous year. This type of league sees players building for the future, often drafting hot prospects over players getting to the ends of their careers. Dynasty leagues are the most complex, however, they’re also seen by many as the most enjoyable.

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