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This is despite the fact that she is a favorite player who does not often win (happens especially in women’s). Then there is undoubtedly a reason (too much pressure for example), and the chances are that it fails again. Surface Similar to the ‘going’ in horse racing. One player prefers grass while the other prefers to play on clay and another is ‘hard court’ finer.

Let it therefore at the close of betting. For example, if you look at the history between two players, it may be that which is equivalent. But if you look deeper results, may turn out that one of the games against the other players all won on grass.

If those players must play on the grass of Wimbledon against each other it is clear who the favorite is. Of course, the bookmaker also knows this, but it’s really for them to see this on the head.

In any case where it is slightly less clear than in the example given. Audience in some big tournaments you see right at-home players do it better than usual. Specifically, they give the home crowd to play.

Extra motivation is good this can be a decisive advantage when it comes to two equal opponents. Consistent with the ‘home’ advantage should also be noted that some players simply perform better in some tournaments.

What the cause is irrelevant. It’s just so. Ranking This indicator is available for both men and women. quite clear and easy But it is also a good indicator of the qualities of a tennis player. The difference between, say, a number 1 on the list and a number 10 is very large. Earlier this difference was perhaps smaller, but today the difference between the real world and the rest is a big difference.

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