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The Magic Bullet

Polara Golf Offers Unbelievable Accuracy in Incredible, Non-conforming Balls. The Polara Golf Ultimate Straight balls can save the swings of everyday players everywhere.

Let’s Face It: Golf is hard. Sometimes, it’s a little too hard. We spray it right. We spray it left. Most days, we miss greens like it’s our job. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a magic ball that always went straight? Wouldn’t the game be so much easier? So much better?

Well, it’s time to believe in a little magic the supernaturally straight balls from Polara Golf. With Polara’s unbelievable “Ultimate Straight” and “Ultimate Straight XS” two- and three-piece balls, you’ll magically find the fairway every time, by reducing your slice or hook by up to 75%.

Just like the directional arrow where you’re aiming, and let the Polara ball work its magic. Seriously. Having put the balls through their paces, all I can say is this: they are every bit as good as advertised. As the proud, lifetime owner of them a slight fade, the Polara Ultimate Straight XS had me in uncharted territory every time (the middle of the fairway). It also performed beautifully in the approach (just line up the arrow in the direction you’re hitting!) and had a great feel around the greens, too. Like I said, pure magic.

But in reality, it’s science, not sorcery, powering the Polara. The Polara balls possess an asymmetrical dimple pattern of three varying sizes, which is the key to their “self-correcting” technology. That’s the reason it literally will start fading and then pull back toward the center (seeing is believing).

That’s also the reason it’s considered non-conforming to USGA rules, preventing its use in any sanctioned tournament or handicap round. In fact, Polara has a bit of a history with the USGA, dating back to the ’70s.

But for the Average Jane or Joe, does it really matter? For the not-so-happy hacker who’s ready to give up the game once and for all, Polara is the miracle cure, the salve that soothes the savage slice.

So, if you’re frustrated by the game, if every outing is an unending search-and-rescue mission in the deep woods (or worse), do yourself and everyone you play with a favor. Grab some Polara balls, tee ’em up high, and have fun playing golf again.

The Start of Something Big

Shanty Creek Resort hosts the inaugural Michigan Pro-Am Sept. 7-11, including the Cedar River Golf Club above. Photos courtesy Shanty Creek.

Northern Michigan’s Shanty Creek Resort announces new. Michigan Pro-Am for teams around the country & Canada.

Shanty Creek Resort invites you to test your game at the inaugural Michigan Pro-Am, slated for Sept. 7-11, 2011 in the beautiful burg of Bellaire, Mich. Together with The Golf Connection LLC, Shanty Creek Resort is hosting the inaugural event, pitting teams of professionals and amateurs from around the country and Canada in a 54-hole test of talent.

The event plays out over Shanty Creek’s three championship tracks, the Arnold Palmer-designed Legend, Tom Weiskopf’s stunning Cedar River, and local fan-favorite Schuss Mountain.

“We are very excited to showcase Shanty Creek Resorts to club professionals and amateurs from around the country,” said Chris Hale, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Shanty Creek in a release. “Our location in northern Michigan and the quality of championship golf courses make Shanty Creek a natural fit for the Michigan Pro-Am and to showcase Northern Michigan as one of the top golfing destinations in the country.”

No argument here. And it doesn’t hurt that players and guests will stay at Shanty Creek, one of the best ambassadors the region has to offer. Staying at the newly renovated Lakeview Resort and Conference Center at Summit Village (at right), which overlooks Lake Bellaire and Northern Michigan’s splendor, can make anybody feel like a champion.

Tournament packages start at $1,749 per person (double occupancy) if booked by August 1, and include four-night lodging, all meals, three tournament rounds plus additional unlimited golf, evening dinner receptions with hosted beer and wine, tournament favors and more. Don’t have a pro to play with? Don’t worry. The Michigan PGA Section will find you a partner.

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