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You will play your best tennis when you are mentally and physically in a state of relaxed intensity: calm and silent, but yet extremely alert. This happens when the mind is free of ALL thoughts.

A silent mind will result in a fluid body. A silent mind is not dead. When you are silent and alert you are IN THE HERE AND NOW and in such a state you will play the best tennis you are capable of, at this moment in time.

You can lose from a winning position and win from a losing position so focus on playing your very best on EVERY point until the match is over. Do not play differently if you are winning or losing, let the situation dictate shot selection, not the score!

Negative emotions invariably create an obstacle to peak performance. Do not try and justify your anger or frustration. Accept it as a reality, and then let go as quickly as you can and go back to playing the next point.

When the ball is in play, get lost in the ball! Focus on the ball from the moment it hits the opponent’s racket, follow it as it goes over the net and touches the ground on your side and all the way until it hits your racket and then follow its path back to the opponent’s racket.

In between points and games do not allow your mind to wander. Focus on your breath or simply be silent with yourself. Walk mindfully and purposefully, with all your attention on the small things you are doing.

From time to time, ask yourself, ‘How am I winning points’ and ‘How am I losing points? Simply make observations about what is happening in the match, without judgment or analysis. If you are in the present, the answer to these questions will come easily.

Let go of the past as quickly as you can. The lead you had, the breakpoint chances you missed, the easy errors on crucial points, the bad calls, etc. They are all past: over and done. The match is still not over. Give your very best until the last point has been played.

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