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Today, most bookmakers also offer tennis betting events, markets and events that go far beyond simply guessing the final result, and even live tennis betting during matches is a huge option for bettors and fans alike. You can bet on sets, serving games, first lost serve and so on, as in football, the possibilities are huge in tennis.

How to bet on tennis?

Suppose we have decided we will bet on tennis and we know the best, the developments in the tournaments that are currently taking place and the various news. There are quite a few factors that need to be considered, such as what cover the match is on, as some players are particularly good on certain covers. It’s also vital to know how each player plays, so how often they hit aces, for example, who likes to play at the net, what their serving percentage is, and so on. Therefore, in tennis, it is especially important to keep an eye on the statistics, as there is a level of data available such as the success of the services within the results against each other or the time spent at the net.

What betting options are available?

In terms of tennis betting strategy, the possibilities are almost endless, but let’s look at the main types available.

The simplest form is to guess the final outcome, ie which player will win the match. And the outcome can even be broken down into sets.

It is also easy to understand tennis betting on winning games, that is if we bet that Djokovic wins more than 3.5 games against Nadal, then a 6-4, 6-4 Djokovic win is in our favor, as 4 game differences have been added up.

Like the previous one, you can bet on winning sets, so if we say that Stephens wins -1.5 against Puig and the final score is 6-3, 6-0, we won, as Puig didn’t have a single winning set.

Between tennis tips, the Over / Under bet type is almost always available, when you can bet that the number of games played will be above or below a certain number of games, so if you bet that there will be fewer than 22 games, but the end result is 7-6, 6- 4, we lost, as this is a total of 23 games.

These are the most common options in the sports betting category, but for example, you can bet on the outcome of future tournaments and even guess the outcome of the match accurately.

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