Sport games
Sport games

Now that you know where and how to bet to have the best advantages available, it is helpful to stay aware of the pertinent dynamic situations and circumstances that affect what will happen during the games in which you want to predict an outcome. Some types of information you can research include injuries, line-ups, stats from previous games and narratives or storylines that may influence what the players are thinking about that day.

There you can find the headlines of the day with the major injury news appearing on the front page or you can search a player’s name or click on a specific team for a deeper look at injuries that might not make the front-page headlines. Another thing that can help you stay aware of injury situations is twitter. You can follow the news and injury twitter accounts for a sport or puts them all in a “list” so you can just go to the list and see a stream comprised of only the tweets these accounts that you put in the list.

For lineups and personnel information, you can use these methods like going to injury sites and tweets but also you can look at daily fantasy research sites or websites that are specifically for posting expected and known lineups. If you don’t know who is pitching or playing goalie or who is in what line or what the lineup is, you won’t have a good idea of how the game is going to be played and what advantages or disadvantages players in the game may have based on personnel and opportunities. This type of information is also available on Twitter apart from where you would normally find injury information as well as from the same sources.

Whether you’re scraping websites for your projection model or just brushing up on exactly what different teams are doing well to add to your mental knowledge, it is helpful to go to sites where you can look at things that will help you determine what a team is good or bad at how they might match up with the strengths and/or weaknesses of their opponent. There are lots of stat sites and research tools out there fantasy websites and podcasts really help offer a great look into the intricacies of a game and opportunities within it.

The last thing I want to mention here is narratives. I don’t have the numbers to back up this claim but it definitely seems to me and to many others that when a player has a major event in their lives, they perform at an extremely high level the next game, relative to their average output. Since most over/unders for player props and prices for daily fantasy are based on the players’ averages, it is good to know when they might exceed their average. Some of these life events include but are not limited to birthdays, increased or focused social interactions stemming from going back to play a game where they went to college or where they grew up, the birth of a child, the death of a close friend or relative, or even something someone says in the media that affect the players’ mindsets temporarily. There aren’t great sites right now, as far as i know, that specifically focus on this type of information but I think it can be very helpful when trying to predict which players might exceed their average performance outputs for the night.

All the research in the world won’t help you know everything and the sportsbooks and oddsmakers also have access to information that they can use to make and adjust the odds but it is difficult for them to keep up with everything because they have so many games to think about when a bettor might only have to think about 1 to 4 games or however many they want. There is a big difference between that and the hundreds or thousands of games per day that they are paying attention to making and adjusting their offerings.

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