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In the case of handball, which is an extremely popular sport, many people still live in the belief that betting on handball only involves guessing the winner, although this has not been the case for a long time. Recently, online betting in handball has also expanded tremendously, with a lot of national tournaments, international matches and lower classes in a lot of special betting versions the palette is almost as wide as in football. Although it should be added that this sport is not one of the most popular sports, it has a minimal tradition in some countries, but it is one of the top sports, so it is also extremely popular in betting.

Where do we look if we bet on handball?

By default, most bookmakers offer betting on handball events, with differences in the size of the odds, the markets available and the number of events available, but depending on who is an expert and dedicated handball fan, you are sure to find the site where they also offer events for which he has good tips.

How to bet on handball?

We basically start from the assumption that whoever bets on handball is aware of the basic rules of the sport, but it is basically a very simple sport, so in a short time we can clarify the rules, the order of strength and the dynamics of the sport in general. The main types of betting and the rules of handball betting are not very different from, say, football or basketball, as the most popular event is to guess the winner as in basketball, a handball tie bet pays extremely well, although not as well as in the case of basketball.

For a good tip, in the case of handball, the information is the most important, basically, in the case of handball, the bookmakers do not really take the events in the background more seriously, so if we follow the news, we know which team has a strong home field and who will return after, they already have a very good chance of winning.

What other forms of betting are available for handball betting?

In addition to guessing the final outcome already mentioned above, we have plenty of options to bet on all kinds of handball matches of our choice, including the best-known and most popular forms of betting.

Handicap betting is also very popular in handball, with one of the teams getting a 2-3-4 goal advantage and from here we have to hit the final winner. In the case of a very unbalanced pairing, even handicaps 8 and 10 occur.

Goal setting is similar to football, we have to guess how many goals will be scored in the match or which team will score how many goals.

But there are also half-time betting options where you can guess which team is up to winning at half-time or which team will score how many goals in half-time.

There are even more cunning betting options, such as how many goals will be the difference between the two teams or how many goals will be scored in the half.

We can also bet that the number of goals for the team we choose will be odd or even, but we can also bet that the total number of goals will be even or odd, but we also have the option to bet on which team will have more goals at halftime.

And by no means should we forget the long-distance bets, such as the final winning bet on the Women’s Handball Champions League, which we will bet on at the beginning of the series and trust that the chosen team will lift the trophy high in the end.

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