October 21, 2021

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Sports’ betting is now a global entity with millions of pounds traded each year. As the popularity and exposure of sport continues to rise, bookmakers have seen fit to adopt more and more sports and widen the markets that they cover. Whilst many trade their bets on a recreational level, there are those that make extremely successful livings out of sports betting. At Sports Betting Academy we have sourced some of the best information on the web to bring you a host of features for you to improve, expand your knowledge and ultimately make a profit from sports betting. Listed below is a comprehensive list of sports of which you can bet on. Each article contains unique content from people who know their sports inside out, but more importantly, make money from betting on each respective sports market.

Football is now one of the largest sports in world, being shown in 5 continents to over 200 countries week in week out. The industry is worth literally billions of pounds with many of the world’s wealthiest men looking to get in on the act by purchasing some of the world’s leading football clubs. The once donned ‘Beautiful game’ is now more commonly associated with the ‘Billionaire playground’. Some of the largest leagues in the world such as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A attract hundreds of thousands of people every week into their stadiums. The marketing leverage is simply huge, hence the global branding of football.

Due to its massive worldwide exposure, many top bookmakers have seen fit to take advantage of this and promote football betting on a substantial scale. There is barely a league around the world which you can’t bet on with some really obscure choices of Israel, South Africa and Japan all having comprehensive markets on a weekly basis. At the forefront of the growth of football betting has been the introduction of live betting. Live betting allows punters to place wagers on games as they take place. When something happens in the game to affect the outcome then the odds will fluctuate in real time accordingly. Many see it as a great way to apply the skills and knowledge they have in football betting and to try and beat the bookmaker. Whilst ‘beating the bookie’ is almost impossible, live betting really does level the playing field out. It can come down to a case of who reacts the quickest.

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