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Betting on tournaments is one of the most popular forms of online sports betting, and some would say the most exciting. There are huge bragging rights to be had when you can claim you backed the winner ahead of a tournament.

The most popular tournaments to bet on tend to be football tournaments such as the FA Cup, Champions League, World Cup, and Euro. Other sports tournament markets such as darts and snooker betting also attract a lot of interest from people who bet on sports in general.

For tournament tips, see our free tips section. Here you will find tips on all of the major sports tournaments which bookies cover in their sports betting markets.

If you are looking to bet on tennis tournaments, we have extensive previews of the Australian. Open and much more. You can preview all these tournaments and find the best odds on each by using the information combined with our free odds comparison service.

Depending on what type of tournament it is, there will be many different betting opportunities. For example in the Champions League tournament, there are Group Stages to be taken into consideration. These open up markets such as ‘to qualify as winners’, ‘to qualify in second place’, ‘to qualify unbeaten’ and much more. Another popular pre-tournament bet is betting on how far a team/player will progress in that tournament.

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