We have good access to affordable and good football matches here at home, but an even higher level of play becomes natural enough when we take the trip abroad.

English Football

If we look at English football, a lot has changed in recent decades. Previously, local teams were more integrated into the local community. The local audience loyally attended the matches, and the majority of the players were often from the district. The sale of rights to watch the matches on TV changed everything. The TV companies outbid each other. The football clubs went from millions in revenue to hundreds of millions, and some clubs now turn over billions every year. This not only translates into player purchases for astronomical sums, but ticket prices for grandstand space also rise as the teams accumulate high debt.

Many English clubs have lost many sales to local fans with tight finances. Instead, other nations especially flock to English football matches. For the “oil sheiks” it is still relatively cheap to buy tickets to English matches. Many of the traditional football cities in the UK are experiencing increased unemployment with more and more local patriots who cannot afford grandstand tickets. There are therefore more tickets available. More and more football fans are now choosing to let professional players set up the journey with both suggestions for airline tickets and tickets for the match itself.

Watch Football From Home

Do you like to watch football even if you do not have the opportunity to go to a match? It has never been easier to follow football from home, and more and more sports channels are being made available. Streaming, where you can watch live TV broadcasts via the internet, is the latest offer for us who love to watch international football. Now it’s playfully easy to follow your favorite matches, even during working hours when the boss does not see you.

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