October 22, 2021

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Small guide to Golf betting

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Betting on tournament winners is the most popular form of betting

among golf odds at betting companies as this is the simplest

variant. You simply choose the participant you think will be the

final winner. The players are ranked and the odds are set

accordingly. But golf can be a rather strange sport in that the

biggest favorite is far from always winning and it can be tricky

to score correctly. Especially in the bigger tournaments. But

with a little luck, you can land a good profit and it is also

possible to spread your efforts. You can, for example, distribute

X number of kronor as a percentage where you put the largest

share on the player you think is the big favorite, and lower

shares on some outsiders.

It is also possible, as in other sports, to place bets instead.

Where the contestants only need to finish among the best and not

necessarily win. Here, the odds are always lower compared to what

they are on the same player to take home the entire competition,

but the chance of a winning bet increases drastically.

Similarly, betting companies have developed golf odds they call

2-ball or 3-ball. Here, they have simply selected two and three

players, respectively, where you must choose which of these will

go around for the best of the day. It will be a kind of duel, and

the two and three selected do not even have to go on the track at

the same time. One of them can start far ahead and the other far

behind, but the excitement is no less for that. If one of the

players has already completed his 18 holes, the second or third

may have just started hitting the sixth hole, and it can be

really exciting to follow. It adds a whole new dimension in a

way, without any of the players you follow even having to place

themselves on the podium in the end.

For odds closer to those you see in football and matches, there

is a richer range than you might first think, but also more

overall when it comes to scoring winners has variation. In some

cases, it is possible to bet on what nationality the winner of

the tournament will have. In other words, you do not have to be

so specific and choose a single name, it is enough to dot the

country the player comes from. That an American will win the US

Open, or a Scot will win the British Open.

Live Golf betting
As with most sports today, you can play before a competition or

on a player before he goes out on the court, and you can make

bets in the middle of an ongoing game. If, for example, you have

played 3-ball and the first player is out on hole 10 while the

others are behind on other holes, then it is possible to bet on

which of the three will succeed, say course 15, on the least

number of strokes. If you know your golf and maybe even the

course, it is very possible that a specific hole makes it

especially for many players. And it is precisely this hole that

it is believed that one of the three players will succeed best

with. This increases the entertainment even more and creates new

elements, compared to only playing on winners in a tournament and

then having to wait until it is finished playing after several


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