Video gaming is extensive fun. The industry has managed to develop quite a bit during its 60-year life cycle and offers something to do from side to side. At the same time, unbridled abundance can also cause difficulty in the selection, especially when it comes to playing in a competitive sense. It is not always clear which game genre is right for everyone and what the different genres offer. In this article, we’ll briefly go through some of the biggest genres of racing gaming and their special features.

FPS games
The term FPS comes from the words “First-person shooter,” a first-person shooter game. It’s a shooting game played through the character’s eyes from the same perspective as in real life (e.g. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ). The genre’s sibling is a “third-person shooter,” a third-person shooter game where the game is followed from behind the character, usually viewed from above. Sometimes the same shooting game can be played from both different perspectives.

Despite differences in perspective, both genres emphasize fast-paced action and extreme precision. They usually play against other players on a team basis, so the importance of team play and communication is also emphasized. The goal is to beat the other team either by knocking down all of these players or by completing some other task that the other team is trying to block.

The pace of the matches is really hectic. When aiming with a mouse, hand speed and coordination skills are developed. The games offer a lot of challenges. Once you have accumulated enough skill, you can rise to victory in games, even against an entire team.

FPS games are currently the largest genre in the entire gaming industry and thus also in e-sports. The genre is quite straightforward in its idea and implementation, and it is easy to understand, to which variations can also be created with the help of small modifications. The various sub-genres of FPS games include, for example, character classes and Hero shooters that emphasize their special abilities (e.g. Overwatch ), as well as battle royals that offer a survival struggle for dozens of players.

Players play with different characters, each with their own personality, appearance and special abilities. Proper use of characters is one of the cornerstones of games. Tactical ability is also required for proper character development during the match, selection of the right confrontations, and overall strategy with the team. Physically, games require fast typing and a mouse hand.

The genre is played on two teams, usually around five players. Both teams have a base at opposite ends of the field that the other is trying to destroy. Due to their popularity, getting to know MOBA games is highly recommended if you are willing to follow the biggest events in the e-sports industry. Games are huge cultural phenomena at this point, and watching matches can be challenging because of their complexity if you don’t have previous experience playing the genre.

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