The rugby season is well and truly back! The summer seems to have whizzed by in a flash! So, I thought it was about time I got back to updating you on Life as a Rugby Mum!

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned before that I help my local club with their social media, apologies if I’m repeating myself, some may say it’s my age but I’d prefer to blame my blondeness!! Anyway, I do this as well as all the other busy ‘life’ things, I know mad huh? Well, it seems that this season is going to be a busy one, not that I’m complaining it’s good to be busy!

I’ve already been along to watch two pre-season friendlies, the first league game, our U13’s tie presentation dinner, the first ladies’ game and my dude’s training. Does anyone else think I should just move into the club? It seems to have taken over lol!

So back to the rugby Mum life, this season my dude and I plan to get him into contact lenses, no mean feat for a 10-year-old to conquer. It’s not just getting them in his eyes but also the paranoia that he will lose one on the pitch! Well, exactly that happened to one of our first team players with almost impeccable timing for me to let Isaac know that you just replace them on the side of the pitch!

I’ve been so busy snapping pictures for the club, that I didn’t take any on Sunday at training, to be honest, I was a bit fed up with looking through a camera lens! As a club, we have been lucky enough to get a club sponsor and all the mini’s shirts have been sponsored, a bonus when my dude needed a new shirt this season! My favorite bit is the back of the shirt;

Best line ever “Dirt is good!”, mind you I’m not sure that the person that came up with the line has ever had to wash a muddy rugby kit! And if you don’t like dirt then you definitely won’t like rugby! I don’t normally include more than two photos in my ramblings, but I want to add just one more because I love ‘my boys’ (shhh don’t tell anyone) here is the First XV on Saturday! It was a great start to the season with a 48-9 win, well done lads! Until next time, enjoy the better weather while you can, I’ll be digging my thermals out soon enough!

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