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Ice hockey is the third-largest sport. Which is different from the global statistics where basketball is number three. When it comes to hockey and sports players, it is mainly bet on the NHL, SHL, Hockey and Hockey-VM. Other popular betting sports on the market are handball, floorball and of course, also pool games and fixed-odds on trotting. The fastest-growing sport is e-sports, although esports can not yet be compared to the biggest sports in terms of stakes.

Hockey World Cup: The Hockey World Cup is played every year and despite the fact that many of the best players still remain and play the Stanley Cup finals in North America, this tournament attracts enormous interest. We offer game tips at the hockey World Cup and the offer includes all matches in both the group game and the playoffs with quarterfinals, semifinals, bronze match and gold final.

Biggest sports for betting tips

Football is by far the largest and most popular sport for online and mobile betting worldwide. Followed by tennis and betting tips on the NBA and basketball. At many of the largest gaming companies, betting on football accounts for more than half of the turnover. In most other parts of the world, tennis is the second largest sport in terms of turnover and stakes. There are a lot of tennis tournaments played and it is therefore possible to bet on tennis matches next every day all year round apart from a short break around Christmas. Tennis is also an excellent sport for live betting as a lot happens in a short time and during the big Grand Slam tournaments, live odds account for almost 90 percent of the total play. We closely follow the largest pages for betting tips on sports in other countries and as soon as we find something interesting.

Responsible gaming

Gambling responsibility is something we take very seriously and it is important to play in moderation and only for money that you can afford to lose. If you feel that your gambling is starting to become a problem, there are mainly two different websites where you can limit your gambling and get professional help. It is run by the Gaming Inspectorate and here you can shut yourself off from all gaming at the companies that are licensed. Another service is where you can get information on how you can change your gambling habits and read more about gambling addiction. They also have a test that you can do to see if you are at risk of becoming a problem gambler.

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