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As most of our readers will already know, gambling is quite strictly regulated. Most foreign sites are denied access, traditional gaming halls are severely restricted and there is no shortage of politicians who promise even stricter rules. Certainly, many of you are worried about how legal it is to play sports betting that we have viewed and rated on our site. First, let’s look at what the law says about online gambling. In our country, it is prohibited to play on sites that have not been issued a license to gamble in the territory. For this reason, most foreign sites are blocked. Even if you manage to access such sites, you will break the law and may be subject to administrative penalties.

Only with such a license can a sports bookmaker operate in the territory without violating the law. Legal betting means that you can access them without any problems, make transfers from bank accounts and credit cards registered, and do not have to worry about administrative penalties or problems in making payments. The tax issue can also be daunting. No one wants to be blacklisted by the Revenue Service, but how much tax is placed on sports betting winnings? In fact, there is no cause for concern. Taxes are only levied on winnings in excess of € 3,000. If you are lucky enough to win between €3,000 and €55,000, the state will have to pay a 23% tax. Winning more than 55,000 – 31.4% tax.

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When you deposit money at one of the sports betting sites, you keep some of your funds online, where hackers and other bad guys lurk. With that in mind, it’s only a matter of course if you’re worried about the security of your money. These worries are likely to disappear when you learn that the gambling industry is applying the strongest security measures. Online sports betting sites use a 128-bit cipher that is not hackable even in theory. This means that even if a site is attacked by a hacker and disconnected from the web, all sensitive data will remain secure.

Online sports betting and gambling sites, in general, are also among the most responsive service providers in resolving various disputes. In our experience, in any situation where an error has occurred that has disrupted the betting process, sports betting sites have reimbursed the money invested, without even going into whether the technical disruption is due to us or the betting of the betting.

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