You will be in safe hands, taking your first steps in the world of sports betting. Even if you have already gained some experience, we are sure that you will find useful information here. We have compiled descriptions that will help you build a safe foundation for your journey in the exciting world of betting. It is no secret that betting on sports is not complicated, but the essence lies in the details if you want to succeed. At the same time, the details are easy to learn, leaving only a little time for them.

Today, bookmakers offer sports betting in all possible fields from the most popular and traditional, to various niche and fast-growing sports and their events. Everyone will find what they are interested in, as operators try to provide their customers with the widest possible offer.

Sports provide a wide range of bets they are largely the same for everyone, but some will differ in nuances or even very significantly. In addition, all of this is available in both pre-match and live bets. We recommend that new players only start with pre-match betting, once you have acquired the necessary skills, you will be able to discover the world of live betting.

Football bets: What are the prerequisites for successful football betting? Betting on the sport of football is big business. Millions of bets are made on this sport every day. It is the most popular sport in the world and therefore also among the bookmakers. Football is also king in betting. Given how many countries play it at different levels, the stakes on offer are very impressive.

Of course, be wise and you shouldn’t start betting on a little-known football championship. Also, the range of bets in football is probably the widest among all sports classic winner determination, handicaps, goal bets, various player or, for example, corner kick bets and many more. Free space for a variety of strategies! It should also be emphasized that a large proportion of players test their luck and skills through a live bet.

Football is the most popular sport in the world and also the most popular sport among bookmakers. That’s why bookmakers offer the widest range of bets in this sport, often consisting of hundreds of bets. Learn how to approach football betting in our expert guide.

Handicap bets in football

The handicap line is applied to the final result of the game to determine the outcome of the bet. For example, a handicap of +1.5 means that when placing a bet on such an outcome, a particular team may even lose by one goal deficit, for example, losing by 2: 1, the handicap 2 to which the handicap applies will win from the point of view of the outcome of the bet. Of course, this will be the case even if the team is able to play a draw or win with any result. On the other hand, if the handicap for the same team is -1.5, it needs a victory with at least two goals to make the bet successful. Usually, a negative handicap before the game is given to the strongest team to make the prediction more interesting, with higher odds. In football, the three-way bet type is calculated based on the result only during the regular time of play, which is 90 minutes plus compensation time. Over time and a series of 11 meters will not be taken into account.

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