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You will find the best collection of golf games! You’ll find no less than 26 different golf games, such as Mini golf Master & Golf Master. Fore! Give the ball a swing and enjoy a relaxed game of golf on our online golf courses. Balance the small white ball on the tee and start the game with the perfect tee. The aim is to shoot the ball into the hole (the hole near the flag) in as few strokes as possible. The best performance is of course the hole-in-one if you can make the ball disappear into the hole in one stroke. Of course, there are also all kinds of obstacles scattered around the track hazards are called these obstacles which makes the game just a little more difficult. If you want to play golf, read on. Were you looking for mini-golf, take a look at our mini-golf games page.

Origin of Golf: Because there are many ancient ball sports worldwide that could be a precursor to golf, it is not entirely clear where the sport comes from. Modern golf as we play it today, however, comes from Scotland, and the first 18-hole course was built in 1764 on the Old Course in the Scottish coastal village of St Andrews. He felt that golf was too much of a distraction for young men who were better off practicing martial arts such as archery. Just under 50 years later, his successor James IV lifted the ban on golf. This King James himself was very fond of the sport!

Golf Course: A golf course consists of different parts where certain actions are performed, and where the player encounters specific challenges. The teeing ground or teeing ground is where the game starts. Here players can stick their tee on a wooden or plastic peg with a flat head into the ground and place the ball on it so that they can hit it well. The ball must first cross a lawn called the fairway. The grass here is smooth and closely mowed, but the fairway is surrounded by bushes and rougher terrain where your ball shouldn’t end up.

You will also find so-called hazards on the fairway, for example, sand bunkers or lakes that you have to avoid. The part of the course that is immediately around the flag and hole is called the putting green. This is where the final phase of the game takes place.

Play golf games and more: Pick a game and warm up your hands to make the perfect shot. If you’re looking for more sports to play, take a look at our collection of sports games and our ball games catalog.

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