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Betting without registration or betting with BankID as it is also called, is something that most, or even all gaming companies with a license 2022 offer. Betting without registration means that you do not have to register an account with the gaming companies, but you verify yourself securely, quickly and easily via BankID.

Betting without an account in 2022
Betting without registration, betting without an account, betting with BankID, dear children have many names. In fact, nowadays it is not common to register an account via long forms and difficult documents for verification now a BankID and social security number are enough to bet with the gaming companies. Betting without registration is immensely popular and players around the elongated country love to be able to make super-fast withdrawals, easy deposits and play with greater security.

Then why is it good to bet without an account? The biggest benefit of why it is positive to not have to register and be able to put money on odds via a BankID app.

Betting without an account 2022:
Security: With the two-step verification, you are more protected.
No documents: Customers do not have to send in revealing identity documents.
Fast withdrawals: Betting without an account also means that withdrawals go lightning fast.
Simple: Deposits are easy and you do not have to fill in a lot of information.

Playing without registration is safe
It may seem unsafe to play without registration – this is definitely not the case. Although it is called “betting without registration”, it is not really complete without registration. It is not the case that your money risks disappearing or the like when you log out, but an account is registered in your name with your information, which is collected by the site from authorities through your social security number. The big difference is that players do not have to worry about actually filling in these tasks.

Betting without registration is very safe and even safer than the old variant, where you had to reveal personal details on official documents in order to make payments. Verifying your identity via BankID is therefore much safer for customers who want to play online and you do not have to worry about anything. You even get rid of the chance that a fraudster would steal card details because payments are made via Trustly.

Betting when no registration is required
Betting without registration is a bit special in some ways, mostly because customers avoid long registrations and difficult submissions of documents that need to be verified, so it is especially for positive reasons. Otherwise, you play without an account in exactly the same way as if the registration had taken place. Betting when no registration has taken place is therefore not strange and nothing that new customers should be afraid of – the process is exactly the same when it comes to betting money on odds in the old usual way.

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