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Betting Guide for Beginners: If you want to learn the basics of betting on sports and get an overview of how odds, sports bonuses and different betting sites work, this unique guide is a must for you. Quiet the itchy curiosity and read through our betting guide for beginners, you will not be disappointed.

Betting Guide for Regular: If you have a good grasp of sports betting but feel that the interest is starting to wane or that the winnings are not coming regularly, then try to immerse yourself in this sports betting guide at the intermediate level. Here we go through different game variants, how to maximize your chance of winning on sports bonuses, learn how to cook together successful game builders and much more.

Betting Guide for Experts: If you play regularly and generally feel good about all that sports betting has to offer, then our professional expert guide is something that may give you tips and tricks you have never thought of before. Release the prestige and learn betting-related things that you did not know before and boost your game winnings with us.

History of Betting

Since the beginning of time, people have been playing. The first evidence that gambling occurred was over 2200 years ago. Since then, a lot has happened and today the business is run largely online. The majority of players invest money in sports because it is exciting, to increase the feeling when watching a match live or because they want to win money.

How do you start then?

To be able to play sports, you must understand an important part, namely how to go about playing. Building deeper knowledge will come later. Playing is like following a multiplier table, each match has odds and that odds are multiplied by how much you bet, and that amount will be your win. Example: Bet $100 on an odds of 3.65 – then you get $365 in your account if you win. You bet money on what you think will happen in that event. Do you think Arsenal will win with a lot of goals, then you can bet on that outcome.

Before you deposit your first money, you can take part in something called a welcome bonus. This means that you get a small boost on your first deposit, this usually consists of 100% extra on top of what you have put on the game page. With this also comes something called “wagering requirements” and that means you have to bet the money X number of times before withdrawals are granted.

When you bet on sports, there are websites on the internet that you can use to find odds comparisons, which sites Livestream sports, what to play on and other general knowledge needed when you start betting. You can google yourself and find lots, among other things we have at information about the best sports bonuses and the safest sites to play on that have a license. We can also tell you which sites stream sports and which have the best betting features such as Cashout, Games Builder and other important things.

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