Oddset Powerplay

Oddset Powerplay from lets you test your hockey skills by betting 1 × 2 on the biggest and most exciting matches. Here you will find matches in everything from the SHL to the NHL, and it is important to pinpoint the winner of the match or the best player Head-to-head. During the season, you will find a new Powerplay coupon several times a week, and the winnings can be really big.

This is how Powerplay hockey works
Powerplay is one of the most popular tips, and perhaps the best for ice hockey. On a Powerplay coupon, you can try to score 8 upcoming hockey matches. Usually, it’s about the SHL or NHL, but it can slip with matches from other leagues as well, such as the KHL, the highest league. The day after your game is finished, you can correct. To win, you need to get all 8 right, which of course is not always the easiest thing to do. But by paying to protect yourself, you can increase your chances.

A guard means that you secure your matches, and you can either fully or semi-guard a match. Powerplay is a 1 × 2 game. This means that you choose the home team, draw, or away team for each match. Weekend protection means that you bet on 1, x and 2 on a match. Half-protection means that you choose two of the results, for example, 1 + 2 or x + 2. Saving a match costs money, and for each half-guard you make, your line bet is doubled. For a weekend fence, it is tripled. So it is important to save sparingly so that it does not become too expensive.

How much does it cost to play Powerplay?
The great thing about Powerplay is that you can choose whether you want to hit big or play very cheaply. The prize is based on how many symbols (ie 1, x and 2) you choose per match. If you only choose one character for each match, the line cost will only be 1. But most guard a little to secure the unclear matches.

The wins in Powerplay
Powerplay is an incredibly popular game. During the hockey season, several hundred thousand kronor can be turned over every day. This is the key to the jackpot, as the winnings are based on players’ bets. The dividend is 70% of sales. This means that all players who score all 8 rights may share 70% of all money players invested in today’s Powerplay. So if today’s bets were 200,000, you and the others who won will share 140,000. Not bad for a cheap and daily tip!

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