The expectations for the season are enormous. The big clubs have geared up for gold, we have the majority of outsiders on paper and all the newcomers look interesting. The betting companies have equipped their range and also put out some exciting odds before the season, during the course of the season and thus a final league winner.

With us, you will not only find betting tips for all matches over all rounds. We also offer long-term bets before the season. This is just one of all the things that betting companies offer ahead of the Premier League season, the opportunity to bet on which team will win league gold. At the time of writing, Manchester City are favorites to defend the league title they won in May. According to most betting companies, it is mainly Liverpool who can challenge, but behind Jurgen Klopp and Mohamed Salah we find clubs such as Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester United and Arsenal.

Betting tips from the premier league

The Premier League is regarded as the world’s biggest football league, and with that label naturally comes sky-high expectations. Every week we’re treated to really hot and entertaining matches from the Premier League, and of course it’s a league we score on a daily basis. Our punters are deeply familiar with football and every week we present hot betting tips Premier League that you can take part in. In addition to odds tips from the Premier League, our players provide you with analyses, information and the latest news from the Premier League.

Premier League betting sites

Today, all betting sites offer odds on the Premier League, both before and during the league. What separates the betting sites is usually not the odds for the most part, but instead the range of games and the number of betting markets offered. Here it can differ a lot between the betting sites as some only offer the most common betting markets such as 1X2, Over/Under and similar games. Some others may offer bets on yellow cards, corners, throw-ins, free kicks, runs and much more. Therefore, it is very important to read carefully before choosing your betting company so that the betting sites offer what you are actually looking for.

History of the league

The Premier League in its current format is relatively young. It was not until February 20, 1992 that the league was founded, which has since grown to become the largest in the world. Football in England had been struggling for many years and the format The football league was finding it increasingly difficult to stand firmly.

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