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A free bet is also a common type of betting bonus. Normally you get a free bet on the same amount as your first deposit, but usually, it is not as high a sum as a percentage bonus. This is because it is clearly easier to sell a free game. For a free bet, there are often no minimum odds. This is because you still only get the profit. So if you play at 1.01 in odds for 100 kronor, you would still only get 1 krone if the game is sitting.

How Does a Free Game Work?
A free bet means that you get the best from the betting company. In the event of a loss, you do not lose your own money, but in the event of a win, you may not keep the bet. Normally, however, the profit is in real money, which is a big advantage. You place kronor 100 free bets on odds of 2.00. Your game wins. You may not keep the bet of kronor 100, but thus have kronor 100 in profit, which is your money.

Odds Bonus: Risk-Free Games
A risk-free game has similarities to a free game. But instead of the gaming company is responsible for the effort, you must be responsible for it yourself. Instead, you get your money back, usually without a wagering requirement. So the difference is that with a free game you can have 0 kroner in the account and still have 0 kroner if the game is lost, while in a risk-free game you must have the sum in your game account, but get it back if the game loses. Sometimes there are wagering requirements on any winnings, sometimes on the money you get back, and sometimes not at all. Be sure to check out what applies to your risk-free game. The best odds bonuses are turnover-free.

Increased Odds
An increased odds is perhaps the form of bonus for odds that is easiest to grasp. It is normally a matter of a betting company raising the odds on a team that is the favorite to win. You can then bet on that odds with your first game after you have created a new account. Normally there is a limit to how much you can spend. Any winnings are paid out either as real money or as free games.

What Type of Bonus Is the Best?
There is no right or wrong answer here. It mainly depends on your goal with your betting bonus and how much time you are willing to spend. The percentage bonus takes longer to complete than a free or risk-free game. It also requires you to place many bets in order to meet the wagering requirement. But at the same time, it can also give the best return, because you divide the risks in a different way than if you use a single free game. You must also take great account of the wagering requirement when choosing a percentage matched betting bonus. If it’s way too high, your odds bonus will be virtually impossible to convert into real money. If you have kronor 500 in bonus with a wagering requirement of 20x, you must therefore play through kronor 10,000 from the 500. It is tough, and it makes a big difference with a low wagering requirement.

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