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New betting sites have to compete against the legendary giants in the industry, so they have to come up with something new to attract customers. One such innovation is gaming without registration, which has already become quite a megatrend. Big welcome bonuses, as well as varied promotions, are a sure way to attract new players and hold on to old ones. This is why new bookmakers often have the toughest deals on the market. Making money as easy and fast as possible is also a competitive advantage, and here too the new sites have been a great success.

Today, the majority of bets are already placed via a mobile device and virtually all new websites have started to develop their service on mobile terms. More traditional sites are still a little behind this development in some places, which can be seen as a clumsy interface on the screen of a mobile phone, for example.

Perhaps the most important thing for the player is the odds on the betting targets. There is a huge variety here for new sites. Some of the new betting sites offer odds at the top of the market, but many also go from the bottom of the fence. It is worth reading our reviews carefully so that you do not have to settle for weak odds to offset the attractive bonus. The disadvantages of new betting sites are most often the lack of at least live streaming. Streams are expensive and may not be available on a fresh site.

The advantage of more traditional sites is also the wide range of statistics available to support betting. New features are rarely found on new betting sites, so a bettor who believes in statistics should also keep a selection of betting sites in the betting industry. From the above, it can be easily concluded that a bettor should be registered on more than one page in order to take advantage of the best opportunities. However, you may also want to open an account on a few newer sites to ensure the best odds and offers in each situation.

The majority of new pages are also published translated into their own language. This means familiar and secure payment methods, tax-free profits and customer service in the home language. We’ve only listed new sites that have all of the above in place. It’s a good idea to read more about our review before opening a new account.

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