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Motor sport betting is very popular and there are plenty of options for odds at betting sites. A lot of good drivers in several different sports come. But even when it comes to sports where we have no celebrities, we like to bet on motor sports a lot. From rally, formula 1, go-cart, speedway and NASCAR to folk races, the rally, and red bull events are covered Whatever you like in motor sport, you will find the odds betting sites online!

How to bet on motor sports

Different motor sports are divided in different ways, but some basics apply to most. There is usually a world championship that is divided into different competitions, the Grand Prix. During each race, drivers collect points, and it is usually the one who has the most points at the end of the season who is crowned world champion. Of course, sometimes it can be different, and the odds depend a bit on which motor sport you want to bet on, and which betting site you play at.

In addition to the drivers themselves, it is also possible to bet on the various stables and car manufacturers. The most common bet is which driver will win a particular race. But it is also possible to bet on who will pinch the first, second and third places. If you have a favorite driver, you can usually also bet on this as a favorite to win an entire season and become a world champion. There can also be very unexpected events in motor sport, and accidents are common. In sports like F1, a safety car is called in if this happens, and you can also bet on whether the safety car will be called in during a race.

The most popular motor sports

The sports we like to watch most at home are speedway and rally. Drifting and rally cross are also constantly growing. There is also a relatively small but stable interest in a go-cart. Internationally, there is much more to choose from, and Formula 1 is one of the favorites. When it comes to big events to bet on, there are plenty of alternatives.

Many crazy races in motor sport

Racing is not just fast and intense races on oval tracks or gravel roads; there are lots of exciting and odd races to bet on. Events like the Dakar Rally and Gumball are crazy events where colorful characters in incomparable vehicles set off on huge distances that sometimes cross deserts and continents. The sports drink Red Bull also arranges lots of events that can sometimes be more entertaining than the competition, such as the Red Bull Air World Championship. In the deserts of the Middle East, dune climbing is held, where roaring strong specially built cars compete for who can climb to the top in massive dunes. We like folk racing, which is without a doubt one of the most violent motor sports in the world. This is just a taste of all the crazy motor sports you can bet on!

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