How To Bet On Sports
How To Bet On Sports

An example will make this clear. Suppose there is a race for horses with a rating of 0-105. Practically speaking, there will be no horses with a rating of 0 join. On average, for example, lying between 80-105. The horse that has a rating of 105 (the best horse so) will have to carry the most weight. In our example, we use 9 St. 7 Lb. A second horse example, a rating of 100, and is therefore less. This is compensated for by the weight. The rating difference is reduced in Lb. the weight to carry.

That’s one less than the best horse betting. Thus, all the horses are effectively equivalent. However, a good handicapper still knows which horse will best perform and can thus achieve good profits. However, it is always to be there. Minimum weight carried This weight is predetermined in the race. Imagine that in the example above 7 St. 10 Lb. it is minimum.

A horse with a rating of 75 contributes more than he should wear to be! Actually equivalent It is quite illogical to assemble. This horse The horse is out of the handicap and considered virtually no chance (of course there are exceptions to be found).

Sometimes there are ‘punishments’ given in weight. A horse, for example, last year won a sprint and gets 4 Lb. a victory as extra weight. How this extra weight and which is also predetermined? Note that the extra weight is determined by reference to an official rating.

As mentioned in the article about the basic strategy for betting on horse racing, it is important to go beyond the official rating and also an unofficial have. Now you know why. A horse whose official rating is 120, but whose unofficial rating is even 130, so carries a weight that is under his ability. Therefore, it is not such a similar race as it seems at first. For the player who is betting accordingly, this information can be extremely important!

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