In the league, KHL and NHL, bettors often collapse to overreact to individual injuries. Sure, the absence of a key player has some effect, but not much. Often, the market fluctuates more from injury reports than would be necessary. Carefully assess whether the absence is really a significant loss to the team or not. For example, if a team has only one clear playing goalkeeper, his absence is already crucial. In contrast, the absence of the best scorer in a single match is not yet a big factor.

Hockey as a sport is based more and more on teams rather than individuals. This makes it unnecessary to overreact to injuries. The team’s overall play is far more important than the player material and lineups. Especially in the domestic League, the game has already become boring for many in this respect. Individuals will no longer emerge in the same way as mid-trap and safe play are becoming more and more fashionable all the time.

Motivational factors should be taken into account

In hockey, motivational factors are assessed in almost the same way as in sports in general. However, one thing needs to be considered more closely: the number of matches. The number of hockey matches has risen sharply in the home league. The NHL has long played an insane series of 82 matches. KHL’s Regular Series is also long. This has a big impact on motivational factors as there is no need for teams to win every match of theirs.

From the start of the season, top teams might cough and in the spring, top teams may already be focusing on the playoffs. Similarly, teams playing from the playoffs are extremely hungry for points hunting and often weaker teams are best able to surprise in the fall. It is always worth considering what the motivation of the team is when they start a fight! It is also worth noting that often the motivation is higher in the home trough, as you never want to look weak in front of your own fans.

Good betting sites for hockey betting

Hockey betting is not as popular in the world as football, but it is in part even more popular. At least in proportion to the number of items. For this reason, several gaming companies aimed at offering an extremely good selection of targets and odds for hockey. We are the best betting sites for hockey. You should also look at the list of all betting sites on our site. In addition, many betting sites also offer free hockey broadcasts online. You may want to read more on the hockey streams page, where you’ve been through a lot of legal, free sites where you can watch live hockey streams.

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