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Although betting on hockey is not as popular as, say, football or basketball, it has a fairly serious fan base around the world. The most popular league is clearly the NHL, the hockey league, with 30 teams busting each other through 82 games in the regular season and then fighting for the playoffs to win.

Faster than hockey and despite the speed, which promises even more physical contact, are not very popular, and accordingly, the sport and hockey betting is also very popular. At the outset, however, it can be said that, like other similar team sports, winning bets are the most popular, although here the outcomes include results not found in other sports.

The rules of hockey betting or to bet on hockey

Betting on hockey is not difficult at all, if we have already bet on, say, basketball or football, we will find the same events in hockey, with the difference that there are thirds and no quarters or halves, plus the rules are different. Since the bets on the outcome are also the most popular and most common in ice hockey, it is definitely worth noting that depending on the league, hockey matches do not really end in a draw, as if there is a tie after three thirds, there will be overtime and a shot at the end of the overtime. And that, by definition, allows us a lot of other types of betting. In hockey, as in other sports, it is important to know the strength of a given team and the form of the players in it, relying on simple statistics is not really easy.

What betting options are available for hockey

As with other team sports, betting on the final outcome is the most popular in ice hockey, and there are bets available for the winner after overtime / shoot-off if you don’t really want to fly to a tie. In addition, however, there are plenty of other forms of betting available, so be sure to undermine yourself in the stats and news if you want to make serious prizes.

Handicap betting is very popular, even for hockey, there are simpler forms where we can support a team with one goal, but there are also half handicaps available, such as +1.5 and -1.5 handicaps. We can also bet on the total number of goals, although in this betting type the under/over types tend to spin, where we can bet on whether there will be more than 5 goals or less in a given match.

You can bet on the total number of goals with or without overtime, and you can even bet on whether there will be a shootout and, if so, in how many series a team will make a mistake first. Since there are thirds in hockey, betting on hockey third goals is also quite popular, whether both teams score in the third, how many goals will be in the third and so on.

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