The goes through how to make your winning bet especially in the field of hockey. In addition to this, it is good for a novice player to remember the universal laws as well as the instructions for betting: manage your bankroll, keep records, don’t tilt (and don’t play), always use the best odds, favor single items and so on. The live results also allow for a quick reaction when the hockey match is at its hottest and this way the bettor can also enjoy variable odds with smart play. There is a general guide to hockey betting where you can find the laws of a hockey bettor. You should also take a look at our online betting article, which provides a more general overview of the basic principles of betting. You should also read the betting tips for every day. On our site, you will find lots of long-haul tips for every day – including hockey.

Don’t just play 1×2 objects – Use your ideas more accurately! They are well-known 1×2 people, which means that most bets are placed on the traditional result of the actual playing time. However, a considerate bettor will use a lot of other forms of betting as well. Above all, over/under bets and Moneyline items often pay off for hockey players. There is also a need to play handicap bets, but in these, we prefer more than minus handicaps.

Under/over items

Under and over, in the vernacular, under and over are some of the best bets for a winning bettor. In hockey, the most common lines are over / under 4.5 or 5.5 goals. The number of goals is influenced by many factors, of which at least the goalkeepers, ice sensitivity, special situations, number of shots and the stakes of the match should be taken into account.

  • Good goalkeepers drop the goal value of a match, uncertain goalkeepers raise it.
  • Ice-sensitive teams play more rich matches than expected similarly, in the case of disciplined teams, the goal expectation value decreases!
  • Weak EIA skills decrease and high-quality EIA skills increase paint expectations!
  • Weak AV skills increase and high-quality AV skills lower paint expectations!
  • The number of shots is not worth staring too much at, but they give an indication!
  • Match Stake: The more relevant the match, the lower the goal expectation value for the match.

It is always a good idea to estimate the number of goals when betting, even if you are not even playing under or over, as the expected value of the goal also affects, for example, the probability of a tie or the meaning of the handicaps. In general, in recent years, playing under-scores has cost more than over-scoring. However, each match is always its own event, which needs to be judged.

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