October 18, 2021

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Harrow Squash Racket Bags

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Harrow squash racquet bags are a line of squash racquet shoulder bags from Harrow, an innovator and leader in the sport of squash. So what makes the Harrow squash racquet bags different from the squash racquet bags from Prince, Head, Black Knight, Wilson or any other squash racquet bags brand? Truth is not much except styling. Now styling and taste is a personal thing. What I think is stylish and nice, my wife thinks is ugly and inappropriate. I think you get my point. You should choose a squash racquet bag that is pleasing to your eyes and your eyes only. Harrows line of squash racquets and the line of Harrow Squash Racquet Bags are relatively new to us over here. We have recently fallen in love with some of their avant garde (that some fancy French words meaning innovative or pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm) squash racquets and quite frankly are equally as enthralled with the cool styling and looks of the Harrow squash racquet bags. The Harrow Tour Squash Racquet shoulder bags are pretty cool looking and come in various color combination that are definitely sharp looking. 

Big enough to carry around 6 squash racquets of your choice in two separate compartments with enough side pockets, compartments and other areas to tote around all of your squash gear, a couple of beers and sandwiches. Ah, strike that last comment. Harrow squash racquet bags are made of that ultra strong 800 denier that they make luggage and tents out of, and with a thickly padded shoulder straps, you will be traveling to the squash club in style. I can assure you that players will comment and inquire with you about the Harrow Squash Racquet bags.

If you do not need the capacity to carry around so many rackets with you, Harrow squash racket bags also come in a 3 racket bag style which will save you a few bucks, but in my own personal opinion, I would opt for one of the bigger ones for two reasons. First, you never know how much stuff you are going to need when you start to play. Aside from carrying around more than one racket with you, having the extra capacity is a big benefit, for example stuffing in more clothes, bottled water etc. Secondly, with the 3 racket bags you don’t get that same look or wow factor that you get with the bigger Harrow squash racket bags.

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