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Focus on Your Short Game

The best way to lower your scores is to work on your short game. Players spend too much time on the driving range hitting balls and not enough time practicing their shots around the green. The short game makes up 60% of your golf game. As an instructor, I find students that who focus on improving their short game tend to lower their scores and handicaps much faster than just trying to hit the ball further. Accuracy and distance with the long game are important, but if you could chip, pitch and putt better your scores would improve significantly faster. Just eliminating 5 putts a round or chipping closer to the hole can take you from the 100s to the 90’s or the 90s to the 80s.

I have observed that most players only have one shot that they like to hit around the green. The sand wedge seems to be the most popular club where at times a 9 or 8 iron would better suit the shot situation. A chip shot, which is a low-running shot, is easier to execute and has less margin of error because the swing is like a putting stroke. How many times have you said in a round “I left that shot short again?” Try to use different clubs for different distances you have to the hole. My suggestion is not to eliminate that comfortable shot but to add new shots so you have more options and better results.

Practice in the practice area at your club and see what new clubs and shot selections you can add to your game. After feeling comfortable there take your new shots and try to perform them under real course conditions. While out on the course, execute your shot and then try one of the new shots that you have been practicing. Remember, you will not feel comfortable at first, but keep practicing.

Practicing on the course will increase your confidence faster than just the practice area. Please come and attend the Elite Women’s Golf School where the instructors are always ready to help you improve your game

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