Playing golf games
Playing golf games

Golf swing training can be accomplished using the Tac Tic Golf Trainer which has been developed to help golfers improve their swing. A well-known golf coach named Wally Goodwin (Stanford Golf Coach and Tiger Woods College Coach) was asked to analyze the Wrist Tac Tic and he was immediately impressed by it. The Tac Tic trainers are also available for elbow, knee and ankles of the many pros that tested these, more than 50% responded favorably to these golf swing training aids. In fact, Tac Tic is widely used in all major golf schools as well as by several tour pros.

The Wrist Tac Tic golf swing training aid clicks every time your wrist is not in the correct position. The Elbow Tac Tic training aid helps to increase the arc of the swing, making it wider in order to gain more power, accuracy, and distance. The Ankle Tac Tic golf swing training tool eliminates sway and keeps the weight on the inside of the back foot. The Putter Bubble is an aid that helps keep the putter head in line and to get a better tempo and improve swing technique as well as stop the early release, the golfer may use the Tempo Tac Tic golf swing training tool. To maximize power and clubhead speed without overswinging, there is the Knee Tac Tic golf swing training aid.

Most golfers would agree that the moment of truth in golf is when the club impacts the ball and this is borne out by observing great players, who may look different when swinging but are remarkably similar when they impact the ball. The Wrist Tac Tic helps improve the golf swing by clicking every time the golfer breaks down and cups their lead wrist at impact. Similarly, when the player sways the lower body, much like a tennis player, and so, breaks down the right ankle, the Ankle Tac Tic clicks to let golfer know that he has bent the ankle, which would then cause him to lose power from the coil of the ball and also slice the ball.

There is also consensus among top golfers that the most common swing error that needs to be corrected is reverse weight shift, which is caused by an unstable foundation. When the golfer fails to maintain a flexed knee position, the Knee Tac Tic golf swing training aid will click and so let the player know that he has to self-correct and thus help build a solid foundation for a powerful golf swing. A similar golf swing training aid is the Elbow Tac Tic which clicks when the lead arm breaks down and this should help the golfer learn to keep the lead arm extended.

To improve the tempo and technique and stop early release as well as help to add distance and accuracy, one can use The Tempo which also helps the golfer to get the feel of a proper club-head release by making a clicking sound, near impact with the ball. Another important aspect of the golfer’s game is putting, which can be improved using the Putter Bubble Tac Tic. The Putter Bubble Tac Tic requires the golfer to have the putting stroke such that it addresses the ball absolutely square off the ball and thus helps impart to the golfer, a precise putting technique.

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