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Looking for a quick swing fix? Look no further than the late, great Harvey Penick’s lessons. So a friend has been struggling with his swing lately. A lot. He’s a relatively new player, and whatever he learned from a summer ago went totally out the window over the winter.

You should post swing tips videos on your site, he said to me. That way I can see what a golf swing is supposed to look like. So I thought about it and thought about all the great videos out there, full of great swing lessons. There are, after all, tons of them. There are a lot of great golf coaches out there, and many of them are here in the Midwest (Brad Dean, Rick Smith and Dave Pelz, to name but a few).

But until you can head off on a summer golf school vacation, here’s a little video created from Harvey’s Little Red Book, one of the simplest and finest books on becoming a better golfer. You’re welcome.

Deal of the Week: Great GolfScape

Rangefinder App from Makers of Golf Shot GPS Now Half-Off for Limited Time
If it’s half as good as its digital daddy, GolfShot GPS, then Shotzoom’s GolfScape rangefinder app is one heckuva sight for sore eyes. It’s clearly pretty darned good the app just won a design award from Apple.

To help celebrate its Apple award, Golf Scape is available half-off in the Apple Store for just $9.99 for a limited time. The app uses your smartphone’s GPS and camera (it’s also available for Android) to work as an on-course rangefinder, with a virtual heads-up display detailing yardages to bunkers, hazards and the pin.

We haven’t put GolfScape through its paces yet, but we absolutely love GolfShot GPS (and use it as often as possible!), so we can’t wait to take GolfScape for a spin. And at just $10 bucks, we’d say it’s well within anybody’s range.

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