Gaming is so much more than just a form of entertainment or a way to pass the time. The gaming industry is worth nearly $100 billion. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are employed or earning money from gaming. Games are everywhere, and they are a huge part of our lives. Consoles, smartphones, tabs and the internet are home to what has become an essential part of our lives.

With so many educational apps out there, the journey into gaming can start from the age of 1. Many games now have age-appropriate certification, so it is easier than ever to see what kinds of games are best for young and old. With fierce competition in the industry, you can understand why some of the big console companies are feeling threatened. Anyone can code or program an app game and get it published. Most do it for free as a hobby, but there is the potential to earn by charging for upgrades or selling advertising space.

Other channels of revenue in the gaming industry are from collectibles and rare releases like the SNES trigger. Memorabilia from consoles and games released decades ago are selling well. Producing figurines and limited edition box sets of characters from games is a great revenue stream for investors. If you are creating a game, it might be worth thinking about investing in manufacturing this type of merchandise yourself.

While many start out giving their hard work away as a freebie, it only takes one game to go viral, and you have made a name for yourself. If you are into the old skool games from the eighties and nineties, you may be interested in picking up some from collectors. There are several sites online where you can buy and sell games, consoles and collectibles. You could also gain an idea of how much your old things might be worth if you wanted to sell them too.

While game hacks are not a great way to etch your career as a programmer, they may be a great teaching tool for you to learn the basics of coding. They can also be a simple way to release niche interest games for those still keen to use these early platforms. There may be legal implications surrounding any profit you may earn, so seek advice if you are looking to pursue this in the future.

Some popular characters from TV and film are available to you for producing games on license. It may be worth you looking to purchase a license to use the likeness of a popular character and give you a chance to produce a fun game around it. They are unlikely to be cheap and may require you to have an established reputation in your area of expertise. Seek legal advice before you approach the company offering you the license, as the agreements can be very complex. Alternatively, create your own likable characters to base a game on. This requires a creative mind and good writing skills but can be highly rewarding.

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