On this page, you will find VB’s game tips most extensive hint service. In addition to your favorite sports, betting companies also offer a huge variety of betting destinations for other sports and individual events.

In addition to the basic items, we also open the offer of other game items. In practice, you can bet on almost any sport and event! Various TV shows, music and cultural events are popular, where the winners are announced live. So don’t be surprised if you find the odds for a well-known event on your own betting page! Elections both at home and abroad are familiar and popular destinations. Special targets may include, for example, the state-specific turnout in the US elections or, for example, the turnout in the Aland elections.

The actual special destinations are also various weather destinations. What is the temperature in a certain place during Midsummer and how many cents of snow is there? Different sites focus on these differences. The scale of special bets is really wide so there is plenty to choose from!

Entertainment bets: There are a huge number of special bets in the entertainment industry. The odds are highlighted at a very early stage by the various betting sites and you should be careful about these. A bet placed at an early stage can bring much higher odds than a bet closer to the event – more background information will be available and the book odds calculators will be wiser all the time! See current Entertainment Bets here!

Tournament and season bets: Much of the advance betting on different tournaments and events is different winning bets. Whether it’s the Formula 1 World Champion or the World Hockey Championships, you can bet on the winners before the events start. Of course, you can bet even when the events are already underway! However, the odds change all the time depending on events. Check out the latest tournament and season bets!

Political and election bets: Politics and betting have long gone hand in hand. There are more and more accurate bets on offer all the time. You can bet on, for example, the turnout of a certain city, the votes of a party or even the number of votes of a certain candidate! Who will bake the next president or which party will seize the power of any country? Take a look at the current policy highlights!

Special bets: There are special bets from side to side. These destinations include, for example, various special destinations that the betting company decides to list, even a little surprised. These destinations always have specials for the Midsummer weather coming from the next James Bond, you can really find anything to bet on in this department. Often these items don’t last long, so be careful! See the latest special bets and odds!

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