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Our experts work hard to find the latest info regarding injuries, suspensions, form, table placement, preliminary starting eleven and more to be able to do as thorough analyzes and offer as good Top Tips tips as possible before each round of this very popular game form. The best of all is that no information or locked behind payment walls, but you as a reader can take part in it completely free of charge and for free. We want everyone to have the same opportunity to read our suggestions, analyzes and tips for the biggest pool games.

Best Topptipset tips

We are very proud to have won several awards over the years. Among other things at the gaming industry’s own Oscar gala EGR Operator Awards where we have been nominated five times. It’s one of the world’s best gaming information sites. Awards and nominations are not everything but it is a hallmark of quality among the top assessors in the industry. You can therefore be sure that, for example, our Top Tips tips are of the highest quality when you as a reader visit our site and look for the best game tips for football and the latest information and the latest analyzes.

How does the Top Tip work?

This form of play works in a similar way as, for example, condition and Stryktipset tips. The difference is that it is about eight matches instead of thirteen. For all these matches, it is important to bet 1, X or 2. That is, whether it is a home win, a draw or an away win. The bet is optional and varies depending on how much you want to save. It is possible to either full guard or a half guard. The more fences, especially weekend fences, the more expensive the coupon and system.

Other pool games

The state’s own gaming company offers a number of different pool games and other forms of betting. The most famous pool game for football is Stryktipset where it is a matter of betting thirteen matches on Saturdays. Mostly from the English Premier League and The Championship. We offer free tips every week.

Pool games for sports other than football are also offered. An example of this is Powerplay for ice hockey where it is a matter of betting on eight different hockey matches. Trotting is another area that is very popular and bigger than football in this area. However, these game modes such as V75 and V86 are arranged by ATG.

Where can I find Top Tips tips?

Our Topptipset tips are most easily found on our home page closer to kick-off for the first match on the coupon. Earlier than this, tips are available under game tips and shrimp. No login is required and you do not have to pay anything to read our analyzes and game suggestions. All you have to do is visit our site. We then analyze the coupon match by match with the latest info and end with a system proposal that you can back up if you agree with our writers.

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