Quite rare offers today are getting free play money directly from a betting site. In the past, sites offered more of these, so only a few sites can now get free play money to sign up when you sign up. In practice, therefore, you get free play money without a deposit, which is most often bonus money with redemption requirements.


Cashback refers to a form of bonus in which the betting site returns a portion of his bet to the player. Cash returns where the player is given back a certain percentage of all their bets are quite rare, but the gaming site can also offer cashback on individual items. The higher the cashback, the greater the benefit to the player. Cash refunds reduce the risk associated with betting, as they return part of the bet incorrectly by the time the bet is placed. They are, in a way, risk-free insurance in the event of a lost bet. If a betting site offers its player cashback, it is definitely worth taking advantage of this and especially in the longer term you can get really substantial financial benefits from them.

Mobile Betting: Bonus for mobile betting

Mobile betting, or bonuses for mobile betting, have become more common in recent years, and gaming sites are trying to get players excited about betting on the phone or tablet as well. Several betting sites have developed well-functioning mobile applications that make betting easy and secure anywhere. The mobile bonus is usually a free bet in nature. It is often awarded on the first mobile bet and has the same conditions as traditional free bets on a computer.

Increased factor, ie a better than normal factor

Increased odds have recently become strongly involved in the supply of bookmakers. In practice, this means that for some match or event, odds are clearly higher than normal for a certain outcome or even for all options. Increased odds are a marketing ploy for sites, just like any other campaign. Utilizing these enhanced odds is most often recommended! In practice, enhanced odds work in such a way that the betting site intentionally raises the odds of another team in a particular match selected as a bonus. So if the team’s odds were 1.8 normally, the gaming site could raise it to 2.8, for example. The player always has an advantage in the bonus items, which is why they must be used to the maximum whenever the opportunity arises.

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