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It is not just deposited bonuses that are offered at betting sites. And the most common is definitely a deposit bonus where your first deposit is matched. Therefore, most gaming sites have given priority to giving a deposit bonus instead of free bonuses. At the same time, there are a lot of gaming companies going against the flow. They offer free betting even though they are only allowed to give one bonus per player and license. We think it is extremely generous, but there are different variants of free bonuses. Exactly what is the definition of a free bonus, there are divided opinions about. But we believe that the bonuses we are going through now should fall into the category of free betting.

Free bet is the most common bonus that is free

With a free bet, you get a sum of money for free from the gaming company. This can then be used in one bet, completely free. Free bet is therefore extremely loved by the players and there is almost national mourning after most of them have disappeared. However, there are some free bets left which we can warmly recommend to you. It is especially when there are big matches or matches of national interest that the free games usually hail. Finals in the Champions League, heavy PL matches or the top battle in the All are some examples when it is time to keep an eye out for free bets.

Risk-free games are also a form of free bonus

Of course, the cynic can point out that a risk-free game is not technically free. You actually have to put your own money in a bet when you play. The big advantage and the reason why we call it a free bonus is that you have no risk. Should your game not go in, you will get your money back. Thus, it can be considered that risk-free games are free bonuses.

Some have risk-free games instead of a classic deposit bonus. There are both pros and cons to accepting a risk-free game instead of a regular odds bonus. In general, it is good to use risk-free games when you have a peel going on where you are a little too scared. Then you get good odds and with a risk-free game, you get your money back if your game does not go in, which is really great. Bet on but without the risk of losing. Some call risk-free games betting free spins. Therefore, we think you should receive it today.

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