Sports betting
Sports betting

In some sportsbooks, you can place a third rolling-if bet behind that second bet and so on as many times as you want for whatever portion of the previous bet’s returns you want to risk each time. The reason why a parlay is so difficult or ill-advised is that it is much more difficult for all the events you select to go the way you predict than for each of them to do so individually. Counter-intuitively, if you have 3 predictions that you accurately judge to have a 75% chance of occurring, the chances of them all going your way are far less than 75%. Technically it can still be a good bet if the parlay pays better than the odds of a bet with an implied odds of 42% but it is difficult to judge and far more difficult than just hitting some of your bets or more.

One very cool and fun way to bet parlays is to bet an open parlay where you pick 1 or more games and how many empty spots you want then over time you fill in other games. It is bad because the chances of all those picks or predictions winning are very slim but it is good because if by chance you can compound 100% of the winnings of each pick onto the next, the prospective or possible returns add up very fast. The hard part is not having one or more losses and that is very hard.

This is basically where you make a fantasy team or a team of players from a given sport comprised of real-life players on various teams. Then the team that you created accrues points based on their performances within the game for just that day or weekend or whatever length of time the game covers. This is difficult for the same reasons a parlay is, when you’re forced to make so many predictions, it’s easy for 1 or more of them to go wrong. But it’s also fun for the same reasons a parlay is, that you can make a lot of money from just a very small amount of money. The information about who is starting that day for an injured player or who should be getting extra minutes or who has a favorable defensive match-up is so prevalent these days, that many people who you are playing against also know these things and it is difficult to make a team that is better than everyone else’s without making a lot of teams that cover various possible scenarios. But there are tools and methods to knowing which players will excel and it is an extremely fun game to play. It is very difficult to gauge an edge in these games so it is difficult to know how much you should bet if at all, but you should always practice good bankroll management and caution in any gambling endeavor that you decide to take on.

It is better to stick to the bet types with which you don’t have merely a 2 or 3 or 5% low chance to win, even if the payout is higher than what it should be for those chances because you usually need to play the game a lot of times before some profit is realized and this could be very frustrating. If you can find the balance between what is profitable and what is fun for you as an individual, you will likely have a much better time, in the long run, playing these types of games.

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