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It has never been easier for players to bet money on odds online. No registrations or verification have streamlined the process enormously and as long as customers hold a social security number and a BankID, it works to play without an account. Virtually all gaming companies with a license today offer players to play directly and avoid registration we list eight of these gaming companies that we think have done a really good job of offering fast registrations and easy payments.

Withdrawals are fast

The big advantage if you disregard the security aspects that come with betting without an account, is that you can make quick withdrawals with the payment methods Trustly and Zimpler. Withdrawals from betting sites usually took 2-5 banking days if account verification was done on the betting account, otherwise, it took much longer than that. Nowadays, it takes a maximum of a minute or two if the gaming company is a so-called “betting without registration” gaming company – meaning that the site offers to bet with BankID and the payment methods mentioned above. As soon as you as a customer choose the amount and press the withdrawal button, you have the money in your personal bank account immediately enormously flexible.

Odds without account came

As early as the phenomenon of betting on odds without an account slowly but surely began to seep into the gaming market. In also came the first sites that offered odds without an account and many questions arose directly with how a limitation would work and other things that meant big differences between casino and odds. But, everything worked fine and in just a few years, this variant of betting has become the market leader.

Document verification stopped

The most time-consuming and least attractive thing about betting online was the time when you as a player had to verify your account with a lot of documents. This has now ceased. Until the year 2019 in rounds, virtually all gaming companies required that you as a customer would prove your identity by submitting documents. These documents ranged from ID cards to stamped bank documents, high-quality address certificates in color and endorsed proof that you are the owner of the payment cards used. Betting with BankID has deleted this. Verifying with BankID works as proof of identity at the tax office, at the bank and at other authorities now even the gaming companies with a license approve this as proof of who you are. This has made the gaming market more flexible and with more satisfied customers overall.

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