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What betting bonuses are there really? You can get bonuses for all the most popular sports and motor sports. We have just gone through the most common; the deposit bonus. There you get your first deposit matched and the most common amount is usually a doubling up to 1,000. The other odds bonuses that are usually awarded.

Betting bonus without wagering requirements: You who are lucky can also come across betting bonuses that have no wagering requirements. In other words, bonuses where your winnings are yours at once, and you can withdraw them immediately without having to turn over the bonus 8x times or similar. Bonuses without wagering requirements are to a greater extent a loss-making deal for the gaming companies than ordinary bonuses. Therefore, they are also usually a little lower than what regular bonuses are. They are also relatively uncommon nowadays. If you are lucky enough to come across a bonus that gives you a sum of bonus money with no wagering requirements, we recommend that you strike immediately.

Boosted odds: This betting bonus has become very popular in recent years. Boosted odds increase the odds in a specific market, usually when there is a clear favorite or the like. The odds in advance may be set at 1.10. With an odds boost, they are raised to maybe 6.00 money instead, significantly more game value right? Odds-booster usually comes with requirements for the highest bet and any wagering requirements.

Risk-free games: Not having any risk when playing is of course very nice. With a risk-free game, it is your own money you bet, but if the game does not go in, there is no need to worry. Should your bet not go in, you will get your bet back from the betting company. In this way, a risk-free game, for example, is an excellent alternative when you see a potential bang.

Free bets / free games: With a free bet, the betting company gives you a certain amount to spend on a specific bet. Sometimes it’s at a selected match or market, sometimes you choose entirely yourself. No matter what market you choose, free games are of course very good to accept because you have no risk. If you lose, do not do it because it is not your own money you spent. However, if you succeed in winning, it’s cheers and glitter because you have not bet any of your own money.

Cashback: Maybe not the most hyped bonus form but Cashback should not be underestimated, especially not for the long-term player. With cashback, you get a certain percentage back from the gaming company of your losses or turnover. For example, if you played for 1,000 with 25% cashback, the gaming site will give you 250 back. Of course, the size of the cashback varies depending on which side you choose. If you as a player are hungry for cash back, you should apply to a gaming company without a license. There are a whole lot of unlicensed betting sites and casinos that offer cashback.

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