Boxing and betting go well together because in this sport, too, the winner is sought and in practice it is done in the toughest way possible, ie fighting with fists. In boxing, a draw or a draw is very rare and if there are odds on the match at all, the draw odds are often really high. In practice, the player bets on the winner of the match using the match odds.

1X2: Not all matches have a comprehensive range of different odds, at which point you will find mainly the basic long-odds odds of 1X2. In addition, there may be “draw-no-bet” bets, meaning if the match ends in a draw, bets will be refunded. In addition to these, even slightly bigger and bigger matches of interest to the general public offer many other bets.

Lottery Bets: In addition to the winning bet, boxing bets may include over and under bets on the lots used in the match. In these over/under bets, the player must bet on how many games will be played in the match, after which game or group of games will the win be won? So you can even bet that the match will end after 4.5 rounds or even after 10.5 rounds.

Of course, there is also a choice of a batch or a batch of batches where the match ends, ie the so-called draw. Will it end in the first half of the 12 installments or in the second half, or perhaps in the third quarter? And by which contestant? For boxing betting, there are excellent betting options on offer.

Match resolution and special bets

Boxing bets also essentially include the way the match is settled. Whether it’s a referee decision, a knockout or even a rule violation or something else, the odds for these can be found at least in bigger matches. In practice, you can bet at least on the winner in boxing, in addition to winning bets, match duration odds and winning bets. In addition to these, the biggest matches can have very interesting special bets, for example, how many times a certain boxer goes to the canvases or how many times a competitor gets hit by the judges.

Boxing odds

Boxing is thus an interesting type of betting, but quite often the odds are only found in the match bet and the draw-no-bet. The match needs to be a slightly bigger and more interesting match in order to find more betting odds. Boxing may not be as versatile as betting on football or hockey, but the main thing is that you can bet on the winner and get an extra boost in the match. See what all the boxing destinations can be found on these sites. For the biggest matches, you can find betting bonuses or contests directly related to a specific match on these sites.

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