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It has a great culture when it comes to sports, especially in football, ice hockey and tennis. Winter sports are also very popular and in all the sports just mentioned, there are good opportunities for betting. But which championships and tournaments are really the most popular? We have taken you through the biggest sporting events that like to bet on the most. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you in your betting in the future.

World Cup in football
Every four years, the World Cup in football is decided and it is usually counted as the world’s largest sporting event. Here you get a gaming experience you will soon forget. If you bet on the World Cup, you can do it with a betting bonus because it is the tournament where you get the most bonuses of all. That championship will be played for the first time in the winter because it is too hot in the desert landscape during the summer.

Olympic Games
The Olympic Games are held every four years. Everywhere if you count both the Summer and Winter Games. However, we do not have much to oppose Norway, which has the most winter medals of all in the whole world. When it comes to the summer games, it is instead that has the most gold medals, which they are happy to tell the outside world.

European Championship in Football
Given Europe’s great dominance in world football right now, the question is whether the European Championships do not hold a higher level than the World Cup. In the European Championships, no bronze match is played, only the first and second are medals. Just like during the World Cup, there are very good odds and bonuses to pick up here. Try it yourself and you will notice how many more offers are available.

Dreamhack Masters – E-sports continue to dominate
The sport that has grown the most in the last ten years is without a doubt electronic sport. Dreamhack Masters is the event that prefers to bet on, as it is the most desirable tournament. For those of you who want to bet on E-sports, there is a lot of fun to take part in as bonuses and offers.

Ice Hockey World Cup – A tournament that is growing more and more
When it comes to ice hockey, dominance is great. We are the most successful nation in a long time and produce large numbers of players for the NHL. Betting on the NHL is very popular. Every year, the Hockey World Cup is decided, where the nations settle for the title of world champion. Since the competition takes place every year, it does not have the same status as a World Cup in football, but at the same time interest is growing so fast. Much thanks to the fact that it is delayed and that more and more NHL players choose to say yes.

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