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Biathlon is a sport at the Olympics, taking its official start in 1960. He immediately won the hearts of many viewers that once served as the need to streamline its rules and therefore appeared first bet on biathlon. At first, it was just a competition for the individual race 20 km long, and the shooting took place at four biathlon shooting ranges at a target in the form of a circle. Biathlon is a sport that combines cross-country skiing with shooting small-bore rifles.

To date, biathlon is a leader in winter betting lines betting on sporting events, since this winter sport has a lot of fans, and therefore lovers rates, and therefore popular with bookmakers. Betting on biathlon you can choose from a bookmaker offered bookmakers who pay more attention to this sport.

Well, firstly, because of the amount TV broadcasts, which biathlon ahead of the competition, as a rule, more than watch sports, the more bets on them done. Secondly, biathlon very unpredictable sport, i.e. throughout the race leaders may change constantly, because even just one bad shooting leading at that time may vary favorite entire course of events of the race, making him an outsider lagging. Also, knowing where the race will be held in advance to find the weather forecast.

Known as a strong wind and an abundance of snow, can lead to an unsuccessful firing of participants and zero temperature, stunting the ski lift, which consequently increases the gain of the biathletes who are pros in the shooting, but not as fast in the snow.

Here you have a lot more, unlike other sports, to understand the statistics and figures. To begin, deciding on what kind of racing will be for each of them needs an individual approach. For example, in the individual race, the initial bad shooting biathlete at the first stage equates to a loss immediately, and in the relay, which involves a team, in an unsuccessful shooting, you can use extra ammunition for the use which need to run only one penalty loop that for the experienced team will be only 20-30 seconds.

A very important point in choosing a biathlete (team) is physical fitness, i.e. sports uniforms. The choice should not fall on the one who has shown good results in the past, and it is necessary to take into account only the last few races, as each biathlete during the season acts differently, he has seen the rise, the slump.

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