Play betting method
Play betting method

Another betting method that may interest some of the more patient people out there is called a future bet. You can place a bet on who will win a league or a division and the earlier you make this bet before it becomes apparent that they will succeed at this, the more it will pay. Sometimes outlandish odds are offered on some teams or players to entice action on them because there’s such a low chance of them actually accomplishing this goal, it’s almost like free money for them. But if they give odds that imply that they have a 5% chance to win and you think they actually have a 15% chance to win here at, even though you expect them to lose and expect them to do so in this situation 85/100 times, it is still a good bet because your true or perceived odds are higher than the given odds.

One very interesting way to bet on sports is via live bets. These sometimes offer the best chance to hedge your bet. You can, in a lot of places, bet on games that are already in progress with life and constantly updating odds. If a team was supposed to, according to the spread, win by 10 points but now in the middle of the game is losing by 10 points, the new spread given during the game might be for that original 10-point favorite to win by 1 point or to not lose by more than 3 points or whatever else they want to offer. So if you bet an underdog that is a 2 to 1 underdog but during the game, that underdog takes a bit of a lead and now the new live odds are the other team that they’re playing against +200, you can buy out of your original bet and guarantee a profit.

Some people advise against doing this too often because you’re going to lose one side of your bet in this and other scenarios so if you would’ve just bet on the winning side (though you don’t know which side that will be when you bet on it) then you get everything that wins without having to subtract whatever you bet on the other side. If you are in the US, then most sites other than 5dimes will have very very limited live bet options but if you’re not then there are many sites available where you can bet this way.

In the same spirit as this hedging method, some people like to find sports betting arbitrage opportunities. This is where you find different sports books offering different odds on the same event at the same time and use it to bet both ways on each, thereby guaranteeing a small profit no matter who wins. It is often not truly a guarantee only because most online gambling establishments have rules preventing professional moves like this and they will either stop taking your action completely or limit your bet size. Some of these books don’t even honor such a bet when they know they were offering odds that day that were different or softer than the rest of the industry.

If this was the only bet you placed at this book in months or ever, they have good reason to believe you are not a recreational bettor but a professional and can on occasion take this type of action. If you feel you are treated unfairly or stolen from or this is not explicitly against the rules there, you can contact an online gambling watchdog site to help recover your money. Even if you are successful at this, they will usually still keep you at a small limit or close your account. Another way it is not a true guarantee is if the odds change in the time between you placing one bet on one side and placing the other on the other site.

A very risky and often ill-advised betting method that is, to a lot of people: the most fun, is called parlaying. A parlay, or accumulator as it’s known in England and some other places, is when you bet on multiple events or games all within the same bets and they all have to win for your bet to win. It is actually the same as just betting one game then putting all your winnings and original state on the second game, then putting everything you get back on the third game, etc. A smarter way to bet simultaneous games with the same original stake is to do a rolling IF-bet. With these you can place your original bet on a game, then put another game behind it as a rolling if-bet. That way instead of being forced to put everything on the second game as you would be in a 2-team parlay, you can put whatever portion of the first bet you want on the second game up to 100% which would be the exact same as doing a parlay.

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