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Betting in running is a new method of betting that gives punters the peace of mind to be able to place their bet after an event has already started. This will eliminate the need for punters to race to the bookie before the sporting event has gotten underway. Usually, betting on running is not an option that is made available by bookies when it comes to horse racing.

However, it seems to be quite popular when it comes to cricket, football and golfing events. On betting exchanges like Betfair, in running betting on horse racing is quite common. Among the most popular mediums for bookies in regard to running betting would be football. In addition, most bookies offer a wide variety of options in markets and in most cases; the choices are almost as good as pre-kick-off.

Depending on how the event is progressing, the odds will vary. If for instance, Team A is playing against Team B and the odds are 5 to1 to win, 1 to 0 in the right score market before kick-off, if they should go 1 to 0 up about midway through the first half of the game, the odds could decline to 10 to 11 to win. However, if they are still as 1 to 0 by the time they reach the halfway mark and stay that way into the 2nd half, the odds regarding this outcome will have significantly shortened to right around 4 to 9. Typically, betting in running markets is presented on events that are televised.

Asian Handicap Bet

Over the past five years, Asian Handicaps (AH) have been increasingly introduced by UK bookies, however, this is not a new concept and has been around in the far eastern world for as long as ten years now. Asian Handicap betting provides a nice option in contrast to the more traditional match result market. Typically, the match result market will offer three possible choices for betting and those are, win, lose, or draw. The Asian handicap offers just two choices, thereby, making the odds of a win a lot higher in a punter’s favor, in terms of seeing a return on their money. Usually, bookies will set the price of an AH by using multiples of 0.5. The underdog in the AH, or lowest probable winner, would be a (+), while the favorite to win would be a (-).

A good example would be as follows; If a team was playing on their home turf against another team, they would more than likely be considered the favorite because they are playing at home. However, if these teams were comparable, it’s likely the AH odds would be Home Team -0.5 and Other Team +0.5. If the finishing score was 0-0, the home team would lose the handicap. On the contrary, the other team would prevail on the AH as +0.5 would be added to the concluding score. This would make the overall results, 0+0.5. Normally, the odds for the Asian handicap are figured in decimals instead of fractions.

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