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Turnover requirements for betting bonuses

It is important to be aware of the different wagering requirements and conditions and rules that apply to the various gaming sites. Almost all bookmaker bonuses have wagering requirements, so read the terms and conditions carefully. Sometimes the requirements are a little difficult to understand and not all odds markets are included. In individual cases, different requirements are also set and different rules apply to different sports. Such as football, ice hockey, hockey, basketball and trotting. At the largest and most serious gaming companies licensed, however, there are usually no problems or oddities.

Sometimes it is enough that you as a player only turn over the total amount, sometimes it is enough with the bet, but very often you have to turn over both the bet and the total amount for the company bonus you have chosen. There are also campaigns with no turnover requirements, although these are unusual.

An important thing when it comes to wagering requirements is not to be in a hurry when choosing your games. Do not stress only to be able to pick out a win as soon as possible but be methodical and choose the right game. Read the prawns and game tips that our experts provide to find games that are elaborate and recalculated after thorough analysis. Also, do not gamble too much without betting on game tips that you believe in. Compare the gaming companies to find the company that suits you and your gaming and your strategy best.

Minimum odds & minimum odds

Another important thing to keep in mind is which minimum or minimum odds apply for you to be eligible for an offer. This is also called minimum odds and it is part of the companies’ terms and conditions. Read this carefully so that you do not place a bet with too low odds and then do not get the bonus that you have fought hard for. The level is usually somewhere between the odds of 1.50 to 2.00.

Validity of the bonus
It is common for there to be a validity period. A period of time where you must have time to turn over and meet the requirements for the campaign you want to take part in. Within this time, the wagering requirements must be met, otherwise you will lose your offer. The validity period usually varies from one week to three months and there is no real standard.

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