Betting bonuses in the future?

Competition between betting companies has intensified tremendously in recent years. For ordinary players, this can mean two possible things.

Better betting bonuses
Fewer players, but the same benefits

The competition means that betting sites need to offer better service and better benefits to players. For example, campaigns and offers changed on a large number of sites and companies tried as many different options as possible. We are confident that even in 2022, as competition intensifies, betting bonuses will be even better for ordinary bettors. On the other hand, the intensification of competition is leading to the strengthening of large players in the market and the disappearance of smaller ones. The big ones eat the small ones and when there are fewer players, they can keep their bids the same as they do today. However, this option is less likely, as new entrants are also constantly entering the market and as the industry grows as a whole, new betting companies will suffice.

Exploitation of bonuses

The term bonus whoring is an established term for the systematic use of bonuses. In practice, this refers to people who take advantage of an offer offered by a site without any intention of remaining a long-term customer. Bonus working has tightened conditions and, for example, recycling requirements are often strict for this very reason.

Bad or good betting bonus?

It is impossible to say which is definitely the best betting bonus of all, as bettors have different preferences from each other. However, here are some things to help you identify a good bonus from a bad one:
This is a reliable and secure betting site
The higher the percentage and the maximum, the better the deposit bonus
In free bets and risk-free bets, the most important thing is the monetary amount of the bet
Cashback, special items and various promotions give the player extra benefits
The wagering requirements are moderate and there are a few restrictions as possible on bonuses

We’ve selected only the best betting bonuses from our list, so all you have to do is choose the betting sites that work best for you. We never list companies or offers on our site that has had problems. Companies that poorly serve their customers will be immediately removed from the list. If you have reason to believe that any of the companies on our list have acted in violation of our general policies, you may also notify us.

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